Robust and reliable

Solutions for the panel industry

When it comes to dividing technology in the panel industry, robust systems with high capacity and high availability are in demand. Anthon sees itself as a benchmark in this field.

Depending on the project requirements, a book saw system or a throughfeed saw system with or without an upstream sanding line can be the right choice. Both types of system, depending on the design, create considerable capacities and are in no way inferior to each other in terms of cutting accuracy.

Book saws / angular plant for the panel industry

  • From the standard angular plant to the high-performance angular plant for panel formats up to 8500 x 3050 mm.

  • With appropriate cutting patterns, sawing and stacking capacities of up to 150m³/h are possible.

  • Coupled with sanding lines, the panels are sanded and divided into formats ready for sale.

  • The panels are fed to the sanding line by means of an insert feeder or, in the case of thin panels, a friction wheel feeder and panel by panel. Then, depending on the version, book heights of up to 320 mm are formed for the book saw in the bundle forming station. After alignment, the books are transported to the preparation table.

  • Depending on the cutting plan, the panel packs are divided in the combination of longitudinal saw and crosscut saw and fed to the push-off stacking unit.

  • Feeding the panels by means of vacuum

  • Package forming station for appropriate alignment of the panels before dividing

  • The automatic protective panel feed enables customer-friendly stacking, and the connected packaging line means that the product is also ready for loading and shipping.

  • A combination of destacking box and infeed makes it possible to sort out panels after the sanding line or to feed panels directly to the book saw without sanding.

  • An air-conditioned control cabinet container with a mounted operator station helps the operator to maintain an overview of the system.

Finishing line for wood fibre insulation board plant with throughfeed saws

  • Feeding of solid wood fibre insulation boards via direct connection to the press supplier’s conveyor system.

  • Possibility of buffering the press production via large format panel outfeed and infeed. Additional possibility of destacking large formats from pallets.

  • Electrical and mechanical integration of a panel printer.

  • Longitudinal cutting of individual raw boards by means of throughfeed saws operating from above, each with its own belt feed on the unit with high line feed and simultaneously high cutting accuracy.

  • Feed by the throughfeed saws working from above via combination of top-guided pusher and belt feeds on the saw units for very high line feed with very high cutting accuracies.

  • Stacking of the panels with straight edges via high-performance rack destacking on pallet.

  • Mechanical and electrical integration of a tongue and groove machine with upstream paternoster for separation and compensation of the working height offset between the working height of the press line and the working height of the double-end line. Separate destacking of the tongue and groove panels via robot with vacuum tool on pallet for flexible design of the destacking specifications.

  • Fully automatic packaging line for solid wood fibre insulation boards with versatile applications such as application of vertical protective corners including horizontal strapping, application of horizontal protective corners including application of product data sheets, cross strapping, covering with film bonnets, application of labels and double stacking.

  • High-performance computer destacking for bundle formation of flexible wood-fibre insulation boards including integration of a bundle packing machine and downstream flexible destacking of flexboard bundles via robot with gripper tool including integrated suction bar for insertion of intermediate layers.

  • Fully automatic packaging line for flexible wood fibre insulation boards with covering of the stacks with foil bonnets and application of labels.

  • Higher-level control of the various plant areas.

Sanding and sawing systems combination with throughfeed saws

  • Very compact angular plant for panel format 2550 x 1350 mm

  • Feeding the panels by means of vacuum

  • Package forming station for appropriate alignment of the panels before splitting

  • Angular plant consisting of longitudinal saw with turntable and crosscut saw. Cutting height 180 mm

  • Stacking as a combination of manual hand stacking and side gripper stacking for large formats

  • Fully automatic protection and pallet feed