Flawless cutting

Pressure beam saws

The optimum cutting quality and cutting accuracy is ensured by a fixed position of the workpiece and a vibration- and play-free tool run.

This is where the pressure beam saws come into play. Precise positioning of the workpiece and fixing of the workpiece with a pressure beam acting from above form the basis for a high-quality cut.

The saw, designed as an under-table unit with a low-maintenance rack and pinion drive, as well as the infinitely variable lifting of the saw unit, guarantees a clean cut at different package heights.

With various additional modifications of the saw periphery, the performance or the benefit of the system can be further increased.

For example, a rotary table enables an optimal utilisation of the material by head cuts or alternating cuts, e.g. longitudinal-head-longitudinal cut, taking into account the cutting time. Furthermore, the double-saw unit enables the panel material to be cut to size and the hemmings to be chipped in a single operation.

A fully integrated suction system ensures that the chips are removed quickly.

Series Spezifications
LN LN Cutting height: single panel (up to 60mm)
Saw motor power: up to 15 kW
LNB LNB Cutting height: up to 180mm
Saw motor power: up to 45 kW
LNC LNC Cutting height: up to 220mm
Saw motor power: up to 55 kW (also as double unit)
LND LND Cutting height: up to 260mm
Saw motor power: up to 75 kW (95kW) (also as double unit)
LNE LNE Cutting height: up to 320mm
Saw motor power: up to 75 kW (95kW) (also as double unit)