Accurate, efficient processing

Industrial sawing lines

Anthon cut-to-size lines claim to be able to offer a flexible solution for every requirement. Whether a single-axis saw, semi-automatic or fully automatic angular system – the customer’s special requirements are included in the planning right from the start.

Portal saws, multi-blade saws and special saws complete the range of Anthon cut-to-size lines that process materials such as wood, derived timber products, plastics, PCBs, gypsum and fibre boards, insulating materials and aluminium in perfect cutting quality.

Flawless cutting

Pressure beam saws

The optimum cutting quality and cutting accuracy is ensured by a fixed position of the workpiece and a vibration- and play-free tool run.

This is where the pressure beam saws come into play. Precise workpiece positioning and fixing the workpiece with a pressure beam acting from above form the basis for a high-quality cut.

Continuous processing

Throughfeed saws

Anthon manufactures throughfeed saws that can be used in a variety of ways. Due to the modular design of the saw series, the units can be adapted to the most diverse requirements in the panel, building material and furniture industries. The units can be equipped with hoggers or sawing tools, for example. Furthermore, they can be combined with scoring saws, for example for the tear-free cutting of furniture panels. Furthermore, these units function as centre cutting saws and are used for cross-cutting following edge processing lines.

Precise panel division

Portal saws

In the mineral fibre industry, for dividing cement-bonded boards, when processing gypsum and insulation boards as well as for plywood and more – the portal saws from Anthon are suitable for diverse materials. Cutting heights of up to 260 mm are also possible for special panel handling requirements – thanks to high-precision linear guide systems and state-of-the-art CNC controls.

High-level manufacturing

Batch size 1

Industry 4.0 and batch size 1 production are buzzwords that are used constantly and in many places today.

With a combination of longitudinal and multi-blade throughfeed saws with several units, up to 20 parts per minute can be produced, depending on the system variance.