Fully automated

Packing lines

The packing process usually comes at the end of the entire production process. Depending on the application, tailor-made solutions are required here, which must be executed according to the application both in terms of capacity and packing regulations.

Anthon supplies customised solutions with integrated, special packing machines in its various industrial sectors, which round off the Anthon product portfolio.

Type Field of applications Possible integrated functions
Stack packaging – fully automatic packaging of raw or coated wood-based panels
– Fully automatic packaging of furniture box stacks
-Longitudinal / transverse strapping with or without application of protective corners, squared timber, etc.
– Application of cover panels or boards
– Application of side protection boards,
– Foil application lengthwise, crosswise (orbital) and/or by foil bonnet from above
– Application of labels / packing slips
– Duplication of stacks before stack removal
Cardboard packaging – Fully automatic packing of furniture parts in cartons
– Fully automatic packing of flooring in cartons
– Insertion of polystyrene inserts
– Insertion of screw bags ensuring horizontal alignment
– Insertion of furniture parts according to specifications
– Insertion and application of labels / packing slips