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Whether a pressure beam saw for the furniture manufacturer, a sanding-saw combination for the panel manufacturer or a throughfeed saw for the building materials professional – Anthon produces pressure beam saws, multi-blade saws, portal saws and special saws.

Flawless cutting

Solutions for the furniture industry

Anthon has a wide range of solutions for the furniture industry. Pressure beam angle systems for a wide range of outputs, multi-blade saws, combinations of pressure beam and multi-blade saws and the diverse options for L1 production are used here.

One tool, many possibilities

Solutions for the furniture industry

When it comes to dividing technology in the panel industry, robust systems with high capacity and high availability are in demand. Anthon sees itself as a benchmark in this field.

Depending on the project requirements, a book saw system or a throughfeed saw system with or without an upstream sanding line can be the right choice. Depending on the design, both types of plant create considerable capacities and are in no way inferior to each other in terms of cutting accuracy.