So that the supply works


High performance in partitioning requires powerful feeding systems. Anthon has a large selection of feeding systems in its range for the multitude of different sheet materials. Even very thin or wavy panel can be fed without any problems by selecting the appropriate feeding system. Supplementary measuring devices monitor this process.

An Anthon infeed system, vacuum infeed system, mangle roller infeed system or a combination of these systems ensures replenishment.

Type Spezifications
Slide-in feeder – Continuous feeding of individual panels into the processing lines
– for material with specific edge geometry
Friction shoe feeding – Single sheet feeding from the stack by means of a pusher element on the surface
– For material with undefined edge geometry
Vacuum feeding – Surface-protecting and piece-number-accurate feeding of individual panels into the machining processes
Nip roller feeding – Acceleration of single panels
Friction belt feeding- – Efficient single sheet feeding for thin panels from below
– Material thickness up to 4mm
Friction wheel feeding – Precise individual sheet loading for thin panels from above
– Material thicknesses of up to 4mm
Minibook feeding – Fast feeding of mini-books (several panels on top of each other) up to a book height of 45mm
– Fast efficient book formation for package saws
Robot feeding – Loading of individual panels / stack layers / small parts from the stack into machining processes