Greenply India relies on Anthon

Raman Poddar praises above all the reliability of the German machine builder

Image: From left to right: Mr. Poddar (Greenply), Mr. Hansen (Anthon), Mr. Tushar (Greenply)

Delivery reliability and expertise are THE key competencies in international specialty mechanical engineering. Reliability is a sign of precise teamwork and technical innovation is the success factor in demanding markets.  In competition, therefore, it is not only what the manufacturer promises that counts, but above all what the customers say about the business relationship. Against this background, Gonne Hansen, the sales manager responsible for India, is particularly pleased with the feedback from the customer Greenply, also because he knows that Raman Poddar from Greenply has done intensive research in other markets before purchasing a complex Anthon sawing system.

Poddar visited various plants in China and talked to their plant managers about the quality and performance of the designed plant, but also about the cooperation with the manufacturer’s team. In total, he took a close look at four Anthon plants until he came to the decision that the Flensburg-based plant manufacturer could be a suitable partner for him. “I found that Anthon is widely known for good technology, quality and customer service,” Poddar says. The head of Greenply in India wanted a high-performance plant and also a customer-oriented service team. With Anthon, he says, all of that was fulfilled.

When the negotiations start, the customer-specific requirements for high-density panels, colored panels, various cutting patterns, surfaces and edge processing solutions, and also the integration of further equipment into the production line have to be clarified. Hansen holds intensive factual discussions with Poddar and his team and puts together a promising package for him. Later, Poddar will tell him that he particularly enjoyed this open discussion.

Anthon designs, builds and delivers on time. During commissioning, Poddar and his team also get to know their colleagues from assembly and automation. “The commissioning engineers from Germany were very friendly and sincere. They were able to communicate easily with the assemblers and even with the operations team on site,” Poddar says. He says that although the finishing capacity was a bit lower at first, they were able to adjust the capacity of the press very quickly, which shortened the press commissioning time.

For the Indian market, Poddar predicts great opportunities for the German plant manufacturer Anthon and sees enormous potential. The destacking area, the alignment system, the system set up for feeding and removing the protective plates and the station for the reject plates are better designed and more robust than elsewhere, he says.  The automation is better and the saws are more accurate. The biggest advantage is the reliability of the system and the team.

You don’t get such clear and nice feedback every day in the international project business. When teamwork leads to success, work is simply fun. We would like to thank Mr. Poddar for his feedback and wish him success and continued good business. Gladly with us.