In the last three years, the Flensburg-based machine builder Anthon has become a top contact partner for insulation manufacturers. This is because the considerable cutting height of up to 320 mm makes an Anthon finishing line for wood-fiber insulation boards with POL & POQ sawing equipment as the core a successful model for finishing wood-fiber insulation boards. This helps in the efficient production of the material in demand and thus also in saving energy. For furniture manufacturers, Anthon showed itself to be a tireless optimizer where every detail counts. So that the quality of the end product is right.

Flensburg/Hanover, May 31, 2023: At the leading trade fair LIGNA in Hanover, Anthon was able to show what makes an Anthon plant so valuable: the cutting performance and the perfect cut. The young team around managing director and shareholder Ove Lange used VR glasses to demonstrate how the exhibit works in the overall process. “We show a separated core piece from our plant each time. The addition of a virtual, moving representation of the entire plant has proven to be a great new tool for leading discussions at a trade show,” explained Bernd Jochims, sales manager at Anthon GmbH. Particularly for batch size 1 production, the flow of parts is essential. This can be displayed and explained very well virtually.

In addition, the mechanical engineering company was able to build on its recent successes in the field of wood-fiber insulation boards and clarify the final technical details for a particularly large turnkey insulation replica for one of the leading wood-based materials manufacturers directly at the trade show. “This partnership seals the largest order in the company’s history to date. For this alone, our participation at the most important industry meeting for woodworking was worthwhile,” explains Ove Lange.

Anthon has already supplied comparable plants to Ziegler/ Naturheld and Gutex. Ziegler has already been producing since Q3 ’22, Gutex is scheduled to start up later this year.

In addition, the company was able to further advance its own prospects in the USA with the signing of a new contract with the wood-based materials manufacturer Roseburg Forest Products. A conclusion of a new order for the long-standing Anthon customer Borg Manufacturing from Australia further rounded off the trade show.

“Insulation materials are currently one of the most sought-after materials on the market. Our cutting height and performance as a general contractor for complete plants for remanufacturing in this area make us increasingly attractive as a partner for new plants anywhere in the world,” comments Gonne Hansen, sales engineer at Anthon GmbH.  As a machine builder, Anthon is particularly pleased to be able to make a small contribution to the energy transition. “The faster we produce, the faster we can insulate and the faster we save Co2 together,” says Ove Lange. The delivery date for the new plant is fall 2024.