A smooth production process

Peripheral equipment for your system



The larger a production line or manufacturing plant, the more important smooth processes and high output become for economic efficiency - because every millisecond costs time and margin. To this end, we at Anthon offer solutions for the peripheral equipment for your plant which will work seamlessly with our machines.

Our loading systems are available as plug-in, vacuum or mangle roller versions or as a combination thereof. We build our de-stacking plants with different grades of automation.

Our active or passive storage systems with management software are the perfect supplement for you - made by Anthon, of course. For finished parts or material provided at the right time - our technology ensures that everything is in its place. For this purpose, we will integrate high bay racks, storage areas, buffer storage, robot-controlled picking warehouses, driverless transport vehicles or stock on roller conveyors - flexibly adjusted to your production.

Further products:

  • Industrial sawing systems
  • Packaging machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Barrel machines

Barrel machines