One tool, many options

Through-feed saws



Anthon manufactures through-feed saws for versatile use. The modular design of the saw series makes it possible to adjust the plants to various requirements in panel, construction material and furniture industries. It is possible to fit the units with chippers or saw tools, for example. They can also be combined with scoring saws, for example for tear-free sizing of furniture panels. Furthermore, these plants function as center cut saws and can be used for cross-sizing after edge processing lines.

Special feature of the PVL, PVQ and PVT model series: They are used especially for simple four-sided trimming during the through-feed process, generally after press or grinding lines.

The panels are continuously transported along the processing tools of the through-feed saw. The cutting heights of the saws range from individual panels to panel packages with a height of 250 mm.

Way beyond traditional sizing: The versatile options of our through-feed saws make it possible to realize many of our customers’ wishes.

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  • Gantry saws

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