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Industrial sawing systems



Anthon manufactures portal saws, multi-rip saws, special saws and cut-to-size machines, whether it be a pressure beam saw for Meubar furniture productions in Belgium, a grinding-sawing combination for the Thai panel manufacturer Panel Plus or a through-feed saw for the construction material professionals at Brasov in Romania. For versatile materials and with various angular plants.

Saws by Anthon process wood, timber products, PCB, gypsum and fiber plates, insulating materials and aluminum with precision and efficiency.

Furthermore, Anthon is well equipped for the trend to “Batch size 1”. Our intelligent technology enables us to provide you with a high degree of customization for your products without having to do without the advantages of mass production.

More detailed information about:

  • Pressure beam saws
  • Through-feed saws
  • Portal saws


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  • Peripheral equipment
  • Packaging machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Barrel machine

Barrel machines